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  • Home Organizing
    Let’s get you back on track. From closets to any room in your home, pick a problem area and see it transform into the organized space you want.
  • Small Office / Home Office
    Need help with that avalanche of paper piles? Let's turn them into a customized filing system that's easy to maintain. With paper clutter out of the way, we’ll create a workspace environment designed with efficiency in mind. + View Testimonials
  • Organizing With Kids
    Want your kids to learn essential organizing life skills? Sign them up! For ages six years old and up. + View Testimonials
  • Virtual Organizing
    No longer just reserved for out-of-towners, this service is now open to anyone who wants to get organized via Zoom. + View Testimonials
  • New Beginnings
    Have a brand new home or just renovated? Let’s set up your new space so you can start fresh - organized. + View Testimonials
  • Pre-Renovation or Planning to Redecorate
    ​Thinking of renovating or redecorating but are up to your eyeballs in clutter? It’s hard to get inspired when one can’t see beyond the mess. Let’s declutter, gain clarity and receive custom recommendations extracted from our work together, on ways your future space can. + View Testimonials
  • Moving House
    Need help preparing for a move? Dazed by all the details you need to handle? With a professional organizer to help you plan and execute this daunting task, the whole process becomes a more positive and less taxing experience. + View Testimonials
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An average 3 bedroom home has 350,000 things in it. Is it really necessary to do it all on your own?

Additional Services

Host an afternoon of learning and be your own professional organizer. Whether it's for a private group seminar or webinar, connect with Kat Ong to give a talk on creating organized spaces that work. Below are the topics available:


- A Pro's 10 Tips on Space Organization - Live with ease and flow in your space with these essential expert advice on keeping a space organized. / restore and maintain order at the home or office.

- Behind Clothes Doors - Learn to look at your closet differently and carry out your own "beyond the clothes" makeover.

- From Piles to Fab FIles - Create a customized, intuitive filing system for papers you need to keep - that even a 7 year old can maintain. (a workshop)


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